Mouth Guards

Playing sport means you are at a high risk for serious dental injury.

We like you to have teeth for life! So we highly recommend a custom fitted mouth guard.

Mouth guards protect you from:

  • broken jaw
  • fractured, cracked and knocked out teeth
  • cut lip and tongue

Custom fitted mouth guards offer superior protection and if properly stored, cared for and checked by your dentist, should last several seasons.

Custom fitted mouth guards allow you to talk and breath normally.

To keep your mouth guard in the best condition, keep it out of the sun, wash it in cold water and store it in its supplied container. Bing it along to your regular check up and cleaning so your dentist can monitor it.

For more information on dental trauma and dental emergency visit our blog.

To protect your teeth for life, book your custom mouth guard fitting direct online, or by phoning our lovely front desk on 02 4961 6300

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