Cosmetic Injectables


You’ve had your teeth straightened, whitened and cleaned…but your smile still isn’t showing to advantage?

At Paul Beath Dental in Newcastle we have introduced cosmetic wrinkle treatment injections to complement your smile.

cosmetic wrinkle treatment injections

This simple, non-surgical procedure aims to give you that subtle glow, leaving you looking and feeling relaxed and refreshed, giving you confidence to smile.

When it comes to cosmetic injectables, you really want someone you can trust. Dr Edward Boulton , Newcastle dentist has had specialist training in cosmetic wrinkle treatment injectables. We administer multiple injections daily for all types of dental treatment, demonstrating we deliver the injection with expertise & with minimal pain.

No laughing matter

When we use cosmetic injectables, we’re subtle. Really subtle. We have vast experience in delivering injections and it’s in our interest as well as yours to make you look good without it being obvious.

What we can do for you

The trick is to enhancing your smile is to relax  any tiny lines around it. We can use muscle relaxants around the mouth area to relax the upper lip, minimise a gummy smile and focus on teeth and your smile.

We can also use muscle relaxants on the smile lines around your eyes, giving you a naturally rested and fresh look.

With fillers, we can increase your lip size discreetly to complement your smile. (We promise that only you and we will know we’ve done it.) You’ll leave here looking naturally beautiful and refreshed and smile at the world with confidence.


Any treatment performed at Paul Beath Dental Newcastle includes a dental check-up and facial assessment to ensure you of the best outcome possible. After all, your face and smile is the first thing that others notice about you!

You will also be provided with a quotation before any undertaking any treatments, so there are no hidden costs.

Plus by going to Paul Beath Dental in Newcastle for your cosmetic treatments, your friends will think you’re just popping over to the dentist for a check-up!

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