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At Paul Beath Dental in Newcastle, we want to provide you with exceptional care to suit your individual needs, helping you to achieve healthy teeth for life. A visual examination alone can’t tell us everything we need to know, thanks to dental X-rays, dentists and dental professionals can accurately diagnose and treat dental problems early before they become more serious.

You want your children to have the best start in life, as do the team at Paul Beath Dental. That’s why it’s important to ensure your children learn to look after their teeth from an early age. At Paul Beath Dental in Merewether, we want your children to have a positive experience each time they visit us. We have gone to some trouble to make our practice a relaxed and comfortable place for your child, we even have iPads for them to use in the waiting area and TVs on the roof with headphones to watch during their visit.

Why choose dental implants? Did you know that dental implants are the next best thing to your healthy, natural teeth! Dental implants have been used for more than 30 years and have an incredibly high success rate. Implants are an excellent option to replace one or more missing teeth. Strong and stable, a dental implant restores a lost tooth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth when implanted by an experienced dentist.

It can be very challenging for families to take their elderly loved ones out of their nursing homes for a visit to the dentist. To reduce the stress of all this, Dr Edward Boulton has been conducting dental visits to local nursing homes for the last 3 years.  Currently, Dr Boulton services 3 nursing homes and visits each site at 6-month intervals and is looking to expand the number of aged care facilities that he services to help maintain more of the aging populations oral health in the Newcastle region.
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